The Department of Psychology was founded in 2019 (Law 4610/07.05.2019, Government Gazette No. 4610/07.05.2019, Issue 70, Article 14, Paragraph 1 j). It is located in Florina and belongs to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Department offers a Bachelor’s Degree course in Psychology (non-specialisation course, Level 6, National Qualifications Framework). Graduates are eligible for further specialist graduate training in psychology and job placements as licensed Psychologists (non-specialisation) by applying to Regional Health Directorates (Law 991/1979, Government Gazette 278/20, 12. 1979, A ‘).


The Department of Psychology

  • fosters education and research in Psychology, by placing special emphasis on teaching core subjects, and offers students outstanding knowledge and research skills for a successful future career
  • qualifies students for a successful future career in the private, public and academic sector, by catering for comprehensive education, research and training in Psychology. Undergraduate students are eligible for training and placements/internships

Throughout their studies, students are encouraged – from the very beginning of their studies- to engage in research activities, and, upon completion of the course, to pursue postgraduate studies (Master’s and PhD degree programmes) in Greek or international universities.

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