Department Administration

The Department of Psychology is run by: a) The Head of Department, b) The Department Assembly, c) The Board of Division Directors.

The Department Assembly is comprised of the academic staff, the Head and the Deputy Head, student representatives (15% of all Assembly members), and three (3) representatives of the Special Teaching staff, the Special Laboratory Teaching staff and the Laboratory Technical staff. TheDepartment is not currently running divisions; therefore, there is no Board of Division Directors.

Head of Department

Dimitris Pnevmatikos, Professor (Developmental Psychology)

Deputy Head

Georgia Stephanou, Associate Professor (Cognitive Psychology)

Assembly Members

Catherine Dimitriadou, Professor (Teaching Methodology), Dean of the School of Humanities and Social


Thalia Konstantinidou, Assistant Professor (Social Psychology)

Vassiliki Papadopoulou, Professor (School Education)

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